St Lucia takes notice as our campaign gains traction online

It has been three months since we set up this blog and took our campaign to achieve justice for Roger online in earnest.

Almost 5,000 people have visited this blog in that time and more than 2,500 visitors have read about the murder of Roger Pratt and our journey for justice. Margaret’s video interview has been watched hundreds of times on Facebook and our story has been widely shared amongst the influential international sailing community, particularly in the US and UK.

We are also seeing lots of interest in the Caribbean, from St Lucia as well as Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines in particular.

Establishing a community of support behind our campaign has helped to stimulate further discussion with the media in St Lucia and prompted the island’s DPP, Daarsrean Greene, to get in touch with Margaret with more information and a promise that he’d give this case his personal attention. We are very grateful for these undertakings and hope that things will start moving forward.

While our campaign is focused on achieving a fair and timely trial for those accused of Roger’s murder, it also shines a very bright light on the wider failings of the St Lucia justice system. We’ve been approached by a number of people that have also suffered from its shortcomings.

The murder and violent crime rates are astonishingly high in St Lucia and there are high demands on its police and courts. Clearly, the island’s justice system is under-resourced and St Lucia’s own population themselves bear the brunt of the same system delays and weak communications that we have experienced. The risk of crime is an increasing cause of concern for potential visitors to St Lucia.

Given St Lucia’s appeal as a tourist destination, international attention is vital to ensure that its authorities remain focused on delivering justice. We hope that the pressure we are mustering amongst the international community will also encourage the St Lucian authorities to drive systematic improvements that will benefit people on the island who seek justice for their loved ones too.

The justice for Roger campaign is gaining traction and we are grateful for your support. Our cause is being picked up and championed around the world. More importantly, our voice is starting to be heard by those that matter in St Lucia. But progress for change is very, very slow. We hope that this campaign can make a lasting impact for good in St Lucia, and that it will be a force for positive change.

Onwards and upwards: please help us keep up the pressure for justice for Roger and keep spreading the word!


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