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Planning for trial in January 2020

Good morning. My name is Margaret Pratt and I’m talking to you because, in January 2014, my husband Roger Pratt was murdered in St Lucia.

When I gave you the last update I reported that the trial date has now been set, and I was free to plan for my trip to St Lucia in January for the trial.

The trial date has been slightly changed and updated, I’m now told the trial will start on 20th January. So, I have arranged my flights and I’ve also booked my accommodation.

I’ve been told that the trial is likely to take about a fortnight. I’m busy planning for that trip to St Lucia, I’m looking forward to travelling to St Lucia and meeting my very many supporters and friends there.

I’m not particularly looking forward to the trial, but I recognise that it is something we just need to get through, and I’m obviously very hopeful for a positive and satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

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