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Good afternoon everybody, my name is Margaret Pratt and I’m talking to you because my husband was murdered in Vieux Fort, St Lucia.

As we went into the summer we were full of optimism. There was due to be a fitness to plead hearing on 25th September and repairs were being undertaken to the criminal courts in St Lucia to make them safer.

We hope once the 25th September fitness to plead hearing was past there would be a full trial in early October covering Roger’s murder and also the charges of violence against me.

About a month ago I started to press for some advice as to when I should book my plane tickets and accommodation out in St Lucia. I received no formal response, although there were indications that there was a risk that the court case on 25th would not go ahead.

As of today I’ve heard nothing, despite promises of an update, so I’m just very disappointed that once again communication seems to have broken down. Needless to say, I very much fear that the early October trial date is now gone. If the fitness to plead hearing has not taken place we’ve probably lost another three months because we go to the back of the queue.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Roger’s death I do need to find some way of commemorating this milestone in my life, and what would have been another five years in our lives together. The best form of commemoration would be to have the trial completed. That would be the best way, to deliver justice for Roger.


  1. you know its quite amazing what some people would find themselves doing with their free time. instead of being malicious why don't you continue seeking assistance for the justice you so desire from the St Lucian people ? Do you believe Majority of us are in cahoots with criminals and will cover up for them or we condone any form of criminal activity ? i mean common, the Reality is that we live in a world filled with people, some good some bad, as such you cannot come to St Lucia and be careless with your lives and day to day activities , go where ever you want and at any time without taking precaution and feel like the whole island let you down when something terrible happens like what happen to the victim, you his wife, his family and loved ones. We sympathize with you and believe me we the majority would never be happy or condone the actions of a few idiots the minority who look to commit crimes, but you are deliberately trying to tarnish the reputation of an island so dependent on tourism even going as far as to ask for tourist to boycott St Lucia ? What do you intend to gain and achieve by doing so ? Will this bring Roger Pratt Back to you ? Do you know that St Lucian people (civilians ) have come to the aid of tourist who have found themselves in situations where criminals tried to rob or take advantage of them? Crime Occurs any where in the world even in Britain, should i refresh your memory of past incidents? You truly need to stop what you are doing, Cuz this is rather unfair, St Lucia is not immune to violence just as no where in this world is. What happened to your husband , friend or Family member was really unfortunate but enough with this blatant name calling and character assassination of our Island and it's People. If you need to reassure your self of the crimes happening around you, in your country or the rest of the world, pick up the news papers at home , watch the television , go on to websites, search online and i guarantee that you will find there are far more worst places to visit than St Lucia . you need to take this post down, close this website cuz you're not helping your cause, get in contact with the British high commissioner, explain this situation and i'm sure he will do whats required to help bring this matter to a close along with the prime minister and the people of St Lucia. Look i just offered you some advice and assistance if we are such monsters and terrible people as you claim, why would you get this advice? Gangster's paradise would not be interested in helping you out, so why would i just now look to assist you.


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