Planning a trip to St Lucia

My name's Margaret Pratt and I'm talking to you today because my husband, Roger Pratt, was murdered in St. Lucia, almost five years ago.

As usual, as you regular followers will know, very little is going on. The courts in St. Lucia appear to remain closed.

I have heard from the DPP, his assistant emailed me to say that they hope that the courts will reopen at the end of November and then maybe things will move forward with some provisional dates.

There's been a delay in communication because she tells me that the secure network that the DPP operates on has gone down for some weeks and so that was why they were unable to communicate with me.

My other piece of news is that I'm to pay a private visit to St. Lucia at the beginning of December. Just a short visit, my objective will be to see how things are on the ground in St. Lucia and also to try to get a sense of what people are feeling there.

I'm meeting the DPP which is great, I'm hoping to meet with other people as well, and I will be reporting back on my next blog.

Thank you all so much for watching and for your support, I hope in time to be able to have some good news to tell you about a trial date and getting justice for Roger.


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