Mixed messages from St Lucia about trial date in November

Good evening everybody. My name is Margaret Pratt and I'm talking to you this evening with an update on the murder of my husband and the progress of bringing those accused of his murder to trial.

He died just over five and a half years ago.

I’ve deferred giving you an update because I’ve been living in hope that I’d have something positive and uplifting to report, and I haven’t.

I’ve spent the past three months since I last updated you trying to get an understanding as to why the trial date, which was good to go in December 2018, why it was put back in March to November 2019.

The straw in a sense that's broken the camel's back this time and brought me back onto the video blog is a note from the DPP's office - following an enquiry from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, for which I'm very grateful for their help - to say "oh no the trial isn't going to be in November, we are back in case management, nothing is going to happen in terms of a trial in November 2019, it's just a routine little update."

This goes absolutely against what my attorney, copied to the DPP Daarsrean Greene, wrote to me in March saying that a trial date has been set.

So there are mixed messages somewhere, I don't know what the right message is because no one will talk to me, including my attorney who I'm hoping is trying to find out what has changed, why it's changed or whether, indeed, it's a genuine mistake.

I'm enormously disappointed, I'm enormously frustrated. As we go into the summer recess with the courts in St Lucia I suspect again that I'll go in for yet another year, this will be the sixth year, waiting for something to happen and having nothing to report.

This is so disappointing and I can't really express just how disappointed I feel.

Thanks very much for listening, keep the faith and - fingers crossed - something will happen either before the summer or in early autumn. Thank you.



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