Court date to coincide with sixth anniversary of Roger’s murder

My name is Margaret Pratt and I am doing this blog this morning to update you on some great news about our campaign for justice for Roger.

Overnight the most incredible news popped into my inbox. I had a letter from the Director of Public Prosecution’s office to say that a trial date for those accused of murdering my husband has been set - it’s the 15th January 2020.

I am now clear and able to make the booking for my flight to St Lucia in early 2020.

It’s a fairly bittersweet moment because the trial will be taking place over the sixth anniversary of my husband’s death.

There is something about how long it has taken which will never go away, but I know now that best efforts are being made to make sure that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

I’m very grateful to everyone who has had their part in doing this.

So as things become clearer I will update the blog. But in the meantime thank you to everybody for all their support and I’ll continue to keep you posted.


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