Statement from Margaret Pratt, 21st February 2020

A statement from Margaret Pratt, widow of Roger Pratt, whose killers were convicted today by the court in St Lucia:

“I am relieved that after more than six years of waiting, we finally have justice for Roger, who was a wonderful man with a big smile and a great love of life. Nothing can bring him back, but with today’s verdict I can now start moving on with my life, knowing that justice has been done.”

“I want to thank the jury for their careful consideration of the evidence, Mr Greene for his tireless work bringing this case to trial, and the people of St Lucia who have shown me great kindness since Roger's murder in 2014.”


  1. Just read about this via Noosite. My heart goes out to you Margaret for your loss, and I applaud you immensely for staying in the fight for your husband, and finally seeing some justice done. God Bless


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