Updated: 60 homicides in St Lucia during 2017

The murder of Roger Pratt in St Lucia in 2014 attracted the attention of the world’s media and made people think twice about whether they should visit a destination portrayed by the tourist authorities as a picturesque island paradise.

While crimes against tourists gain the most attention, we are mindful that locals bear the brunt of St Lucia’s violence. For every tourist robbed, attacked or murdered in St Lucia, there are dozens of local victims of violent crime, dozens of homicides and dozens of local families demanding justice for their loved ones too.

St Lucia is a dangerous, violent place. It has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and armed robbery and attacks on tourists are all too common events. When this blog was originally posted on June 23rd, St Lucia had just recorded its 28th homicide of the year; Prime Minister Allen Chastanet responded saying there needed to be improvements to the judicial system.

Our campaign exists to get justice for Roger, but we also want to use the attention we can garner to fulfil a wider purpose: to make sure that people thinking about visiting the island are aware that it is a dangerous place and to remind the authorities in St Lucia that everyone deserves justice.

With these aims in mind, we have decided to keep track of all homicides reported in the local media since the start of 2017, to help remind everyone that there are real people, real families and a trail of devastation behind the statistics, and to remind the St Lucia authorities that significant improvements are required, quickly.

Our hearts go out to the friends and families of these people, we know what you are going through.


  1. you should also list all crimes from where ever you are from

  2. Firstly, I sympathized that someone you know was murdered in St Lucia, but to say that St. Lucia is one of the most dangerous place in the world is over exaggerated. To make such claims without credible source is not only hateful, it's irresponsible and aims to destroy an island's lively hood... St Lucia, like most islands and country in this has it's issues. I do not condone violence against tourism and I doubt the good St . Lucian people do either. Tourism is their main economy and I don't suppose they would neglect to protect their visitors. Therefore, this ridiculous review is baseless. Visitors to St. Lucia is very safe and if all visitors stay within the boundaries of the hotel and trusted tour guides they should have a very pleasent stay on the island. Furthermore, tell me where the hell in this world do you not get tourist and being murdered on a regular if not daily basis.

    1. Alicyn, you are right, it would be irresponsible to make these claims without a credible source. The source for this is the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which reports that St Lucia has the 17th highest homicide rate in the world (21.56 per 100,000 people in 2012). There were 39 homicides on the island that year and the numbers of homicides have gone up since then. With 60 homicides last year, our reckoning is that the homicide rate was 33.71 homicides per 100,000 people, which would put it amongst the top 10 most dangerous places on earth. You can see the tables at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate.

    2. How does the 17th highest get translated to THE MOST DANGEROUS? I know you may he personally vonnectec to this, but to deliberately seek to tarnish the reputation of a whole nation of people and in the hope of DESTROYING their main source of National Income, present them as the MOST DANGEROUS is really unconscionable. I agree the hand of the law moves too slowly in Saint Lucia, but this is not just for tourist, hut citizens suffer most from this. I pray a solution is found to your quest for justice, but please be fair and balanced in your declarations.

  3. you know its quite amazing what some people would find themselves doing with their free time. instead of being malicious why don't you continue seeking assistance for the justice you so desire from the St Lucian people ? Do you believe Majority of us are in cahoots with criminals and will cover up for them or we condone any form of criminal activity ? i mean common, the Reality is that we live in a world filled with people, some good some bad, as such you cannot come to St Lucia and be careless with your lives and day to day activities , go where ever you want and at any time without taking precaution and feel like the whole island let you down when something terrible happens like what happen to the victim, you his wife, his family and loved ones. We sympathize with you and believe me we the majority would never be happy or condone the actions of a few idiots the minority who look to commit crimes, but you are deliberately trying to tarnish the reputation of an island so dependent on tourism even going as far as to ask for tourist to boycott St Lucia ? What do you intend to gain and achieve by doing so ? Will this bring Roger Pratt Back to you ? Do you know that St Lucian people (civilians ) have come to the aid of tourist who have found themselves in situations where criminals tried to rob or take advantage of them? Crime Occurs any where in the world even in Britain, should i refresh your memory of past incidents? You truly need to stop what you are doing, Cuz this is rather unfair, St Lucia is not immune to violence just as no where in this world is. What happened to your husband , friend or Family member was really unfortunate but enough with this blatant name calling and character assassination of our Island and it's People. If you need to reassure your self of the crimes happening around you, in your country or the rest of the world, pick up the news papers at home , watch the television , go on to websites, search online and i guarantee that you will find there are far more worst places to visit than St Lucia . you need to take this post down, close this website cuz you're not helping your cause, get in contact with the British high commissioner, explain this situation and i'm sure he will do whats required to help bring this matter to a close along with the prime minister and the people of St Lucia. Look i just offered you some advice and assistance if we are such monsters and terrible people as you claim, why would you get this advice? Gangster's paradise would not be interested in helping you out, so why would i (at this very moment) look to assist you

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