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Updated: 32 homicides and counting in St Lucia during 2019

In January 2014, British tourist Roger Pratt was murdered while on holiday in Vieux Fort, St Lucia. More than five years on, four men arrested and charged within days of the attack have yet to face trial. This is unfair to those of us who knew and loved Roger. Justice delayed is justice denied, and Margaret, in particular, cannot move on with her life until there is a conclusion to Roger’s story.

But it isn’t just unfair to Roger’s friends and family. It is also unfair to the four men who remain incarcerated without trial in the Bordelais Correctional Facility, and it is also unfair to the good people of St Lucia.

With the justice system at a standstill in St Lucia, violent criminals are able to operate almost unchallenged. The failings of St Lucia’s justice system is contributing to the island’s spiral of decline. St Lucia’s people are suffering as a result.

Since Roger’s murder we have kept a close eye on the local crime reports. There were 43 reported homicides in St Lucia last yea…

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