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Will Prince Charles be able to help the real St Lucia?

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will visit St Lucia on 17th March to celebrate its 40th anniversary of independence. The trip is the perfect opportunity to highlight what the island has to offer.

St Lucia is the first stop for their Royal Highnesses, Charles and Camilla, who will tour the Caribbean for much of March. They will be welcomed by the Governor General of St Lucia, Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac, and its Prime Minister, the Honourable Allen Michael Chastanet.

This is not the first time St Lucia has hosted royalty, the Prince of Wales visited the island in 1989 to commemorate the tenth anniversary. Each event is an opportunity to not only celebrate the island’s beautiful scenery and welcoming culture but to boost the tourist economy of the island.

The question has to be asked, however, whether the experience organised for the Prince of Wales will reveal any signs of the real St Lucia? Will the St Lucian authorities seek to offer only a high-end, ‘Insta-filtered’ tour …

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