Margaret Pratt's Justice Diary - 13 April 2017

More than 1,000 days since her husband Roger was murdered in St Lucia, Margaret Pratt speaks how the justice for Roger campaign has progressed in the last month and her frustrations about yet another missed court date for those accused of Roger's murder.

Here is a transcript from the video:

My name is Margaret Pratt. My husband Roger Pratt was murdered in St Lucia in January 2014 and I'm still waiting for a trial date.

The purpose of this blog is to ask for your continuing help to move things along, to encourage the authorities in St Lucia to deliver justice for Roger.

Last month I did a video telling you my story and that of my husband Roger.

I've been really impressed by how many people have become followers of the campaign, particularly people in the United States and the Caribbean, people not known to me. It's been super.

Thank you all so much for your help and trying to get this campaign more traction.

So, what's happened over the past month?

I've met the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London and the incoming high commissioner in St Lucia.

He's already been in touch with the Director of Public Prosecutions, who still promises but hasn't yet managed to let the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in St Lucia have any news whatsoever.

The US Government has given the Director of Public Prosecutions office some new computer equipment. I've written a blog about it.

It's a very generous donation, and it's very noticeable that St Lucia is very dependent on these donations of equipment.

The Court case was due back for full trial in March, that was changed to a Voir Dire hearing at the end of March, which I believe never took place because no one has told me anything about it, despite best prompting by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in St Lucia.

I feel, still, very isolated, very neglected and very neglected and feeling disrespected really.

I believe that the Government's intentions are good, but - for whatever reason - the aren’t delivering on their promises.


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