St Lucia yacht murder and a widow's fight for justice

On the 17th January 2014, British yachtsman Roger Pratt was murdered on his yacht while moored off-shore at Vieux-Fort, St Lucia. His widow, Margaret Pratt, was badly beaten during the attack.

By February 25th 2014 four young local men were in court to be charged, having confessed to robbery and murder. It seemed an open and shut case.

Yet, more than three years later, the accused languish in jail and Margaret is still waiting for justice.

The face of paradise bears an ugly scar: St Lucia has the world’s 16th-highest murder rate – 21 a year per 100,000 inhabitants. The courts are clogged and lead times for trials are long.

And now, more bad news is emerging. Sources on the island tell Margaret that the bags of items bearing DNA evidence from the scene have been contaminated and the defence team are challenging the validity of the men’s confessions.

In this video, Margaret talks in detail about the journey across the Atlantic, Roger's murder and her frustrations at the failings within St Lucia's justice system.


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