Roger Pratt murder trial in St Lucia delayed by further 10 months. Request for update met with wall of silence.

Good morning, my name is Margaret Pratt and I'm talking to you today because my husband Roger Pratt was murdered in St Lucia in January 2014.

This video is about our journey to try and get justice for Roger in the courts in St Lucia.

So many of you who are good enough to follow this journey will know that before Christmas, when I was in St Lucia, I had some really positive conversations and it looked then as though the trial would be scheduled for late January.

The courts at that stage were still closed. When they reopened there was a rescheduling, and the case was rescheduled right back to November 2019.

I'm still trying to understand what has changed, why something that was ready and good to go in January has been put back for another ten months.

People who are becoming friends at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office are also trying hard to find out what's going on on my behalf, they've heard nothing.

In parallel, the network of friends and acquaintances that I've developed over the years in St Lucia and the UK are indicating that these delays and the lack of communication is endemic.

There are other cases where trials have been good to go, in one case for some years, and again they can't make plans for travel to St Lucia because there is no certainty about the dates when the case will be heard.

So, it is all very disappointing. You do feel helpless. What will it take just to get people to talk to you, to explain what probably are very rational, comprehensible reasons why things are being put back?

At the moment I feel as though everything is in a black hole and I'll be carrying on writing letters, trying to understand better. I'll keep you updated.

I really appreciate all the support people give me, in St Lucia and other parts of the world. We have an amazing following so thank you.


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