Roger Pratt's killers sentenced in St Lucia

Roger Pratt’s killers were sentenced in St Lucia today, 14 April 2021.

Roger was murdered on 17 January 2014 aboard his yacht Magnetic Attraction at anchor in Vieux Fort, St Lucia, and was thrown unconscious into the sea where he drowned. He had suffered extensive brain damage in the violent attack.  Four men were arrested almost immediately.  Their trial took place in February 2020, and the jury found three guilty of murder and one of manslaughter.

The sentences took into account the delay of more than six years in bringing the case to trial; that the killers had been in custody since January 2014; as well as factors individual to each prisoner. 

The sentences, which will run from today, are:

  • Richie Kearn, who admitted hitting Roger: c. 14.75 years
  • Jermoine Jones: c. 22 years
  • Kervin Dervaux: c. 19.75 years
  • Fanis Joseph, who was found guilty of manslaughter, c. 6.5 years

 The judge’s written judgement will follow. 

Margaret Pratt, Roger's widow, attended the sentencing of her late husband's killers by Zoom.

She comments: "I was very pleased to be able to attend the sentencing of Roger’s killers and to hear Justice Margaret Price-Finlay’s argued judgements.  I am relieved that over seven years after Roger’s death there is finally some clarity about how long each of his killers will serve in prison."

"I want to thank Justice Price-Finlay and the jury for their careful consideration of all the evidence presented at the trial last year and for the conclusions reached in sentencing.  I also wish to state my appreciation of the work of Director of Public Prosecutions Daarsrean Greene, whose energy and personal commitment to achieving justice for Roger drove the case to its successful conclusion."

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