Updated: 43 homicides in St Lucia during 2018

Justice for Roger is a campaign that was established to achieve justice in the case of Roger Pratt, a British tourist who was murdered in Vieux Fort, St Lucia, in January 2014.

More than four years later, the four young men charged with Roger's murder remain in custody awaiting trial. We continue to apply pressure because justice needs be done in a timely fashion so that everyone associated with this case can move on.

Over the course of those four years Roger's friends and family have become aware that our case is far from unique. St Lucia, it seems, is in the grip of a violent crime epidemic.

More than 150 people have been murdered on St Lucia since Roger’s death, including 60 in 2017. This was the worst year yet for St Lucia, and with slightly fewer than 180,000 inhabitants means the island has a homicide rate that puts it amongst the 10 most dangerous places on earth.

St Lucians bear the brunt of this epidemic of murders, and with St Lucia’s overstretched and under resourced criminal justice system, they also also hardest hit by the challenges associated with seeking justice on the island.

Every homicide on St Lucia perpetuates further the downward spiral of decline. The challenge for St Lucia is to somehow break this vicious cycle of violence and get more cases through the courts.

We will continue to record the names of St Lucia’s homicide victims on this website to help ensure that they are not forgotten, and to remind the authorities in St Lucia that they need to improve what’s happening in terms of criminal justice, not just for us, but for everyone in St Lucia.

To the friends and families of the victims, you are our thoughts and prayers. We know what you are going through.

Homicides in St Lucia during 2018 (last updated January 14, 2019)

Although we have tracked 42 homicides in St Lucia during 2018, this report in the St Lucia Times indicates that the island recorded 43 homicides as at December 27th, 2018.

42: Joachim Joseph, Marchand
41: Brian Felix, Mongouge
40: Nadia Welsh, Morne du Don
39: Hague Dalphinis, Vieux Fort
38: Yannick Sylvester, Castries
37: Bradley Agdomar, Castries
36: Victim unknown, Castries
35: Cannis Smith, Castries
34: Dandra Phillip, Castries
33: Victim's name unknown, Castries
32: Leandre Phillip, Castries
31: Delan Evans, Gros Islet
30: Curtis Charlemagne, Canaries
29: Kimberly De Leon, Castries
28: Owen Francois, Castries
27: Hardy John, Marchand
26: Callis Benjamin, Desrameaux, Gros Islet
25: Rohan Greg Louison, Desrameaux, Gros Islet
24: Stephen Francis, Wilton's Yard
23: Glendon Barthelmy, Bagatelle 
22: Barry Leonce, Castries
21: Miguel Charlery, Castries
20: Janique Stanislaus, Castries
19: Nereus Francis, La Feuillet, Gros Islet
18: Vibert Eugene, Castries
17: Anne Mitchell, Cap Estate
16: Gregory Philip, New Development, Soufriere
15: Stephen James, Mon Repos, Micoud
14: Elton Fontinelle, Castries
13: Kacy Laurent, La Croix Maingot
12: Bernard Edmund, Diamond, Soufriere
11: Elias Louisy, Desruisseaux, Micoud
10. Hughland Collin Gassie, La Bayee, Bexon
9. Curt Poyotte, La Tourney, Vieux Fort
8. Dwayne William, Bois Den, Jacmel
7. Kwame Rampersad, Bois Patat, Castries
6. Miguel Geead, Babonneau
5. Kelvin Williams, Anse La Raye
4. Robert Jean, Cul De Sac, Castries
3. Elisheus Swanson, Dennery
2. Paschall Hyacinth, Cantonement, Vieux Fort 
1. Leslie Khodra, Cantonement, Vieux Fort


  1. wow wow wow i am not sure if this website is public knowledge to saint lucians but this should be a wake up call to them all especially the governing bodies for this website can both help and destroy their tourism sector.. continue the work that you are doing i hope it awakens the people

  2. You an ass to think st lucia is in the ten most dangerous places on earth chups how ever u came up with that does not make any sense u sound white chups

  3. Statistics do not require extra staff members/workers. *They throw around numbers by stating at one statistic : at least 40-people? at least ?! and an other statistic claim 60-murders!? What is going on, its a guessing game?! They can not even take the time to count the dead bodies? Shame.

  4. you know its quite amazing what some people would find themselves doing with their free time. instead of being malicious why don't you continue seeking assistance for the justice you so desire from the St Lucian people ? Do you believe Majority of us are in cahoots with criminals and will cover up for them or we condone any form of criminal activity ? i mean common, the Reality is that we live in a world filled with people, some good some bad, as such you cannot come to St Lucia and be careless with your lives and day to day activities , go where ever you want and at any time without taking precaution and feel like the whole island let you down when something terrible happens like what happen to the victim, you his wife, his family and loved ones. We sympathize with you and believe me we the majority would never be happy or condone the actions of a few idiots the minority who look to commit crimes, but you are deliberately trying to tarnish the reputation of an island so dependent on tourism even going as far as to ask for tourist to boycott St Lucia ? What do you intend to gain and achieve by doing so ? Will this bring Roger Pratt Back to you ? Do you know that St Lucian people (civilians ) have come to the aid of tourist who have found themselves in situations where criminals tried to rob or take advantage of them? Crime Occurs any where in the world even in Britain, should i refresh your memory of past incidents? You truly need to stop what you are doing, Cuz this is rather unfair, St Lucia is not immune to violence just as no where in this world is. What happened to your husband , friend or Family member was really unfortunate but enough with this blatant name calling and character assassination of our Island and it's People. If you need to reassure your self of the crimes happening around you, in your country or the rest of the world, pick up the news papers at home , watch the television , go on to websites, search online and i guarantee that you will find there are far more worst places to visit than St Lucia . you need to take this post down, close this website cuz you're not helping your cause, get in contact with the British high commissioner, explain this situation and i'm sure he will do whats required to help bring this matter to a close along with the prime minister and the people of St Lucia. Look i just offered you some advice and assistance if we are such monsters and terrible people as you claim, why would you get this advice? Gangster's paradise would not be interested in helping you out, so why would i just now look to assist you.


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