Murder & Rape in St Lucia – British victims share their stories

In July 2017, Margaret Pratt joined Georgina Mortimer and Anne Pearson  to discuss their experiences of violent crime in  St Lucia and determination to stop others suffering the same fate.

Anne Pearson's mother, Gloria Greenwood, was murdered on St Lucia almost six years ago. The prime suspect was arrested shortly afterwards. Fifty court appearances later, however, Anne feels that the St Lucia authorities are no closer to delivering justice for her murdered mother.

Georgina Mortimer was raped while on holiday in St Lucia in 2016. She believes her attacker will never be caught due to the “woeful” response from police.

In January 2014, Roger Pratt was murdered on his yacht while moored off-shore at Vieux-Fort, St Lucia. Margaret was badly beaten during the attack. By then end of February that year four young local men were in court to be charged, having confessed to robbery and murder. Yet, more than three years later, the accused languish in jail and Margaret is still waiting for justice.


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